Guaranteed reviews by main 5 Android app review sites

Guaranteed reviews by main 5 Android app review sites


Our team will organize reviews for your app on the 5 main Android review sites in the industry. Get your app covered by the main Android review sites and attract million of Android users for your app on Google Play. Our team will organize Guaranteed reviews by 5 main Android review sites for your app. Increase media visibility and media popularity of your brand & product. With this marketing service we are able to use popular Android review sites as a proxy to reaching the unique user base of each site, thus greatly expanding the scope an apps available audience. We guarantee that 5 separate Android reviews of our client’s apps will be published by independent sources on multiple popular review web-sites that each focus on a varying spectrum of captive readers. All such app reviews will be completed on a professional level, with each published review accompanied by multiple app screenshots, prior app ratings, as well as links to an app’s video demonstration (if applicable). Our team will provide all clients that request this service with timely tracking reports regarding the status of their app reviews as well. This marketing service effectively:

    • Increases the online visibility of client’s apps.
    • Increases an app’s media exposure.
    • Creates effective independent product endorsement.
    • Encourages word-of-mouth marketing.
    • Generates increases in sales due to increased visibility.

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